Faculty for 25+ years, her coach program won HMS Inaugural Award for Culture of Excellence in Mentoring.
Marshall Goldsmith named Carol the #1 Leadership Coach in the World
Thinkers 50 judges chose Carol to be on their shortlist of 8 of the top coaches in the world.
Invited to be a visiting professor at Henley Business School
Awarded $2,000,000 to raise the field of coaching through research and education by the Harnisch Foundation

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The world needs great leaders.

David Noble and Carol Kauffman have spent years pulling together all they know to help you become a better leader and coach. Take a look at Real-Time Leadership: How to Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes are High.

Published by Harvard Business Review Press, Feb. 2023

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Success in High-Stakes Situations


Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

Harvard Business Review

Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High


Leadership Coaching

As a leadership coach, I’ve been told that I’m a lateral thinker who pushes the edges, engages with a sense of humor and can disrupt someone out of their comfort zone. Wherever you are on your path, having someone alongside you as supporter or sparring partner who shines the light where you may not want to look is an invaluable asset. 


I am a born teacher and leadership coach and I love bringing you information that can change how you see yourself and the world. What I do best is pinpoint the intersection of thought and action – eg to translate what you know into what you can do, every day.


So why was I so surprised when it bit me? I’d love to challenge and support your thinking. The blog is whimsical but has powerful lessons on leadership. I’ve also curated videos and articles for you to learn more about what it takes to be a great coach or leader. 

What people are saying

My favorite compliments have a theme, and mean a lot to me. All are about the impact I’ve had through deep relationships.

My purpose is to discover things that ignite excellence with people who can matter to the world. What wake trails behind you? What do you want it to be?

My approach to leadership

Navigating a sandstorm

Carol talks about the challenges of leading today—it’s like navigation through a sandstorm.

Set the tone for trust

Carol shares some insights with Harvard Business Review.

Approaches in excellence

Carol introduces how to harness the energy of positive psychology in a healthcare setting—or the board room.

Ignite your excellence