Inc. – The Question That Can Change Your Life

Who do you want to be, Right Now?

That’s the question that changed 2020 for me. I ask it of myself multiple times a day. It really can change your life. The Right Now! is crucial. Think of it– you’re annoyed at someone about to say something. Ask this question. You’re hesitant to do something. Ask this question. When the wind goes out of your sails. Ask this question. A different part of you can surface and take you down a new path.

When Marshall Goldsmith heard about my question he wrote an article about it and told me to as well. Here it is! Use it as a way to pivot in the middle of an interaction and disrupt your automatic patterns.

Click below to see some extra resources including an HBR article by Marshall, one by me, and a great video interview of Whitney Johnson — this question can help you disrupt yourself.

Read the full article at Inc.

This is part of the Knowledge Philanthropy Project inspired by Marshall Goldsmith where we are encouraged to give our work away.

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