The Wisdom Line

The Wisdom Line, Part 1 How far must you tilt? Where do we cross over the wisdom line and accidentally construct a life we cannot lead? A business that cannot succeed? We can change many things. But we cannot change

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Upside down sign of man walking

Upside Down

How far is your world tilting? Are you walking on the ceiling? A friend asked, “what was it like when your youngest left home?” It’s a bit like now actually. Everything may look exactly the same, but it’s like your

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Wall of Clocks

Curating Time

The Many Faces of Time. Each day is a labyrinth of choices, micro-ones are key. Time is weird. It s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s and shrinks. How well do you use our most precious resource? Do you carve or slide through your day? Those

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Police Car

Racism is a Reflex

Racism is a reflex. Do you think you are a racist? Probably not. Am I one? I thought not. Then I had a shocking experience with my own unconscious racial bias. A few years ago we informally adopted a teen

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Footprints in sand


Are you disappearing? Finding yourself retreating from relationships that matter to you? Many of us, overwhelmed by professional Zoom calls during the day, are drained and less able to reach out to those we care about. I thought I was

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Leaders on Zoom Call

Leading in Crisis

Top coaches, Fellows at the Institute of Coaching, share wisdom on Leadership Now.Leaders need our help to accelerate leadership skills for the 21st century. The pandemic is showing us – we might need different leadership skills now. Brings out strengths

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We're All In This Together Banner

We’re All in This Together

We ARE in this together AND we are also having very different experiences.There are many variations on COVID’s impact. One group is just having a quieter lifestyle with some reality-based fears when they go out. Another is frozen, waiting to

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Lion Statue


This is the time to grow strengths we did not know we had. Find your backbone of steel. Take “advantage” of the small opportunities you are having to build this into your character. Those who survive hardships, trauma and lean

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Tsunami Warning Sign

We Survived the First Month

We’ve survived the first month… Now What?Phase 1, the high intensity, quick decision making time is ending. Phase 2 is harder, it’s the endurance phase. It’s like moving from Acute to Chronic, when we don’t know when things will end.

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Global Gurus

I am honored to be named one of Global Guru’s top 30 coaches in 2020. Global Gurus helps promote remarkable leaders who make an impact, and their “gurus” are chosen and voted on by the public

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Thinkers 50 Finalists

Thinkers 50 Finalist

So honored to be recognized as one of the 14 finalists for the 2019 Thinkers50 Awards. Congratulations to all the finalists on this amazing achievement!

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