CEO Insights Vol. 24 – Creating the Space Complexity Demands: New Approaches for CEO Leaders

In December of 2019, a group of Egon Zehnder consultants and other talent professionals took a week-long course on complexity management with Jennifer Garvey Berger and Zafer Achi. Jennifer is a particular authority on complexity, having authored the best-selling books Simple Habits for Complex Times and Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps. Little did we know how immediately and intensely we would be applying our new knowledge. COVID-19 came in like a lion. Not one of us was really prepared. CEOs and their teams, who had already been facing challenging times, saw the problems facing them intensify markedly, an intensity that has yet to abate. That week gave us a pre-crisis opportunity to pause and gain simple yet profound insights into complexity management that was surreal in its timeliness. It was a pearl without price given what we were all to face in the months ahead. For my own part, I have leveraged the learnings from that week almost every single day in the ensuing eighteen months and more. And the CEOs and other top executives who have been exploring this work with me have been visibly developing new, highly productive skills for forging ahead in what remains an incredibly challenging time.