My coaching philosophy

My coaching philosophy is that coaching should be both a joy and a challenge. But first and foremost, it is about trust.

My style revolves around developing a high-trust, collaborative relationship so we can dive into what choices you need to make. Usually this means looking at who you are, what you feel, how you think and how these match—or don’t match—what you need to do.

Together, we raise the bar on your performance and what it truly means to be at your best. At the same time we lower the stakes. We are not in control of our destiny, but rather, we are in control of our probabilities. Coaching helps you capture the myriad of opportunities that stream past each and every day. If you miss one, find the next.

Recent Clients

Clients where I had extensive contact with the top leaders, their executive teams, or the entire organization.

How I Work

No two coaching or supervision engagements are alike. My strength is working with emergent process and finding the unique brilliance you bring to the table but may not be harnessing effectively. I do not have one set process or procedure, I have dozens. Part of my coaching philosophy is to find the right approach for you.

I wear lots of hats—working one to one as coach, supervisor or consultant is what I do best. Therefore, I work hard to keep time open in my schedule to do what I love. Don’t assume I am too busy to create a space for you.

We can meet in person or virtually as most of my clients are based in the UK, Europe, Silicon Valley or the East Coast.