Thanks to my friends for speaking at the Institute of Coaching and sharing their wisdom. These are snippets of podcasts, talks, LinkedIn Live streams, and interviews.

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Podcasts & Speaking

Success in High-Stakes Situations


Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

Next Big Idea Club

Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

Institute of Coaching

DisrupTV Episode 311


How to Thrive in High-Stakes Situations

How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High


"Real-Time Leadership" Launch Party


Interview with Carol

The 10 Minute Entrepreneur

Find Your Winning Moves When the Stakes Are High

Harvard Business Review

Carol Kauffman, PhD. & Wendy Clark

The Chief Executive Alliance

Real-Time Leadership When The Stakes Are High

Leading Education With Jeff Rose

Carol Kauffman: Co-Author of Real-Time Leadership

Kara Goldin

Leadership Under Pressure

The Human Risk Podcast

The Coaching Spirit

Disrupt Yourself with Whitney Johnson

Real Time Leadership with David Noble & Carol Kauffman

Event by Phil Gerbyshak

Real-Time Leadership Skills

Everyday MBA

How to Start a Big Leadership Role

Coaching for Leaders

Real-Time Leadership

Paid Vocation with Lupe Prado

An Audience with Carol Kauffman

The Leadership Enigma

Office Hours #391

David Meltzer

How To Win As A Leader In Real Time

John Murphy International

How to Make the Right Call When Stakes Are High

The ONE Thing

Real-Time Leadership

Make It Happen Mondays

Real-Time Leadership

Blanchard LeaderChat

How To Be An Optimist

Ayse Birsel

Videos On Leadership

What You Need To Know

Part 1 of Carol Kauffman’s On Leadership video series.

What You Need To Do

Part 2 of Carol Kauffman’s On Leadership video series.

Who You Need To Be

Part 3 of Carol Kauffman’s On Leadership video series.

Tutorials on leadership

Appreciative Inquiry

David Cooperrider on the paradigm shift in the world of sustainable organizational development.

The Art of Possibility

Ben & Ros Zander share breakthrough practices for creativity and a sense of possibility into all you do.

Leader as Coach

Marshall Goldsmith talks with Carol about what leaders today really need to do for the future.

Resonant Leadership

Richard Boyatzis describes how crucial it is to look at positivity and its impact on the brain, & 360 feedback.

Important concepts in coaching

Intro to Coaching

Carol Kauffman spells out leader as coach approach for leaders and practitioners.

Domains & Skills

David Peterson on the key domains of learning and the skills coaches need to know and practice.

Self Determination Theory

Richard Ryan on self determination theory, a theory at the heart of coaching.

The Power of Story

Jim Loehr describes how the stories we tell can help or diminish our business and personal lives.

Motivational Coaching

Michael Pantalon on the 3 components of motivational coaching “AIR” Autonomy, Inquiry and Reflection.


Amy Edmonson describes teamwork on the fly – how rapidly changing teams having psychological safety can thrive.

Coaching and the brain

Theory & Practical Issues

Richard Boyatzis on the benefits of coaches having a foundation of theory and research.

Emotions and Coaching

Dan Siegel gives us an introduction to neurophysiology and it’s impact on emotions and coaching.

The Negative Spiral State

Dr. Eva Selhub introduces us to the neuropsychology of getting stuck in a negative spiral state.

Introduction to the Positivity Ratio

Barbara Frederickson talks about the power of positive emotions and the ideal ratio between the positive and the negative.

Power & Benefits of Positive Emotions

Barbara Frederickson walks us through the short and long term power and benefits of positive emotions.

Science & the Coaching Relationship

Richard Boyatzis describes the power and science of coaching relationships.

Lectures, Interviews and Webinars

Carol on Positive Psychology