Curating Time

Wall of Clocks
The Many Faces of Time. Each day is a labyrinth of choices, micro-ones are key. Time is weird. It s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s and shrinks. How well do you use our most precious resource? Do you carve or slide through your day? Those tiny choices, those 7 minutes doodling around, were they fun? You need MORE time alone? With people? I often don’t fully experience the few moments alone w/o work or hanging out with family. But going into “alert mode” when I’m at a choice point in that labyrinth of small choices is what can tilt my day. Seven minutes can be a resilient-enhancing time to refuel or an empty gap. We don’t need to be “good” all day. But notice, are you doing what you want? Does it serve you? Your mission?

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