Different Parts

30 Seconds To Learn An Exercise That Will Help

We all have different parts of ourselves. How can you use this to navigate through these times?

Ask yourself/client

On a scale of 1–10 how drained do you feel?

(Or upset, or how much do you want to change jobs etc)

Let’s say it’s 7.

If part of you is 7, then 1 –10, a part of you that’s not drained is 3.

Let the “7” part of you have its say. What it feels, what it wants, anything.

Now ask the “3” part of you what it wants to say, what it feels, what it wants.

There is another part of you, a wise inner core, compassionate to both parts.

Let it step forward.

Now invite the “7” and the “3” parts of you to have a conversation with one another.

Listen & learn & share this.