Leading in Crisis

Leaders on Zoom Call

Top coaches, Fellows at the Institute of Coaching, share wisdom on Leadership Now.
Leaders need our help to accelerate leadership skills for the 21st century.

The pandemic is showing us – we might need different leadership skills now.

Brings out strengths that were hidden and didn’t have the opportunity to come out before.

New skills and weaknesses being highlighted.

We are born creative, once we enter the world of judgment, creativity gets reduced. Need to be creative, now more than ever.

Re-think it: Imagine right now, you are dropped on a desert island, use what you’ve got. It’s all there, just different.

Now we can tap back into who we are, and the skills and ability are there.

Empower people by igniting the leadership inside of them.

This is part of the Knowledge Philanthropy Project inspired by Marshall Goldsmith where we are encouraged to give our work away.

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