The Marshall Goldsmith Life Plan Review

The Marshall Goldsmith Life Plan is a personal high-performance plan that can profoundly change your life. Live the Life you want.

Marshall has brought together different streams of thought: Alan Mulally’s Business Plan Review (BPR), Stakeholder Centered Coaching and his “Six Daily Questions” and woven these together to create the Life Plan Review process. In a nutshell, these are typically small groups that meet regularly where each participant has identified their core goals. Prior to each meeting everyone assesses if they have met their goals, or not, using the red-yellow-green approach developed by Alan. It is a deceptively simple process and is powerful. It makes you think through your life, categorize it into workable categories and break those down to identifiable and measurable goals.

This is part of the Knowledge Philanthropy Project inspired by Marshall Goldsmith where we are encouraged to give our work away.

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