Upside Down

Upside down sign of man walking
How far is your world tilting? Are you walking on the ceiling? A friend asked, “what was it like when your youngest left home?” It’s a bit like now actually. Everything may look exactly the same, but it’s like your entire house is tilting. Maybe 10 degrees where you have to keep your balance, or 90 degrees where your walking on the walls, or maybe 180 and your world is upside down. It is hard to get our bearings now. This is where you can pull on all the personal growth you’ve invested in over the years. Remember key life lessons and think, how could you harvest them now? Remember your strengths. Really remember. How can you use them in new ways to be balanced in an unbalanced world?

This is part of the Knowledge Philanthropy Project inspired by Marshall Goldsmith where we are encouraged to give our work away.

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