We’re All in This Together

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We ARE in this together AND we are also having very different experiences.
There are many variations on COVID’s impact. One group is just having a quieter lifestyle with some reality-based fears when they go out. Another is frozen, waiting to see if a loved one will get better. Others are in the razor-sharp chaos of health crisis or healthcare.

Let’s pause before we assume what another is experiencing. Things change from moment to moment. I just got off the phone with a friend, someone in the “Life’s just quieter” category yesterday. Today a friend she thought was through the worst of the illness went back on a ventilator. “I haven’t cried this hard since my mother died,” she said.

My mother died on Good Friday. I repeat, pause before you assume what I am experiencing.
She was 98, and when I was abroad 2 years ago my mother stopped eating because she was passing. Before I could be contacted, my sister forced the health care providers to put in a feeding tube. over their strong objections She had been unable to die since. For me COVID freed my mother from oppressive artificial life support.

We are in it differently; and we are in it together.
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